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Our vision is to provide unsurpassed outstanding services to our client, delivered at premium value. By developing relationships that make a positive difference in our clients' personal and business lives. We will continue to formulate new strategies to uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.

By creating a network across the globe between our consultants and clients, we will strive to continue meeting our clients needs and help their companies flourish.

We aim to exhibit a continuous strong will to win in the consulting indusrty. Making an impact where ever we land.

S.N.M. Consulting helps companies optimize their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth. We do this by drawing together insights from your customers, markets, business environments and internal organization. Then we model the economic implications of these insights and compare them with what’s working for other companies. From there, we work with management to embed change in the organization’s practices and processes. The result? Value-creating commercial strategy that is unique to your business — right down to individual products, programs and customer segments.

Our marketing and sales capabilities span the entire commercial journey.

Our Sales & Marketing consultants sole purpose is to generate customer contact and convert communications into revenue. This is the core of business development and it involves a continual process of drawing in potential customer, enticing the right audience to our clients, while also keeping them engaged. During this process, our consultants use a range of strategies and channels to attract the designated target audience that suitable for business, with the aim of earning their long-term commitment to your brand or product.

The successful marketing of a product or business service depends on the consideration of many key elements, given examples may include: The product or service, its price, how it is promoted and where it is sold.

The combination is called the marketing mix and it is used as a tool for planning product and service launches and campaigns. 

SNM consultant define the tart market for client products and services by determining which groups of customers and consumers are most likely to purchase or will be in need of service.

Every business needs a strategic plan when releasing a service or launching a product. A strategic plan ensures the message about a new service or product reaches the right types of consumer /audience. This is communicated through the most effective combination of channels and have the most relevant content and style.

Once our consultants have researched the market thoroughly and defined a target audience, it is then easier to establish a solution through key decisions on how to make the correct approach on the market.

Through inbound marketing our core focus is to attract customers for our clients by offering appealing content and engaging with them. The approach pulls customers into a relationship with the brand rather than pushing them into making a purchase, which is how advertising works. Through this approach customers can actively interact with a company or brand, but through our outbound market approach this involves our consultants pushing a message to target audiences or customers. With this type of marketing, our objective is to reach out to a wide audience by means of advertising or usage of media platform features.

This form of outreach is to broadcast a message to an audience and convert them into customers, also with this, it is then possible to analyse the results to identify the channels and campaigns that have generated the most sales.


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SNM Consultants take pride in what they do and so, rather than working solely from within our office and doing online research, we take the extra step of touring the facility, meeting with the board of directors and employees, analysing the finances and reading all company materials.

Why we operate with this process, is so that our business consultant can uncover the details of a company's mission and what operations are in place.

S.N.Mushini LTD is a UK private company limited by guarantee (“SNM”). SNM and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. 

Please see About S.N.Mushini to learn more about our global network of member firms.

S.N.Mushini LTD is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales with registered number 12241855 and its registered office at 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, United Kingdom.

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